Day for respecting human dignity and the right to life

CIVIL – Center for Freedom congratulates all the citizens of Republic of Macedonia and around the world on May 9, Day of Victory Over Fascism and Europe Day.

Day of Victory Over Fascism, which at the same time is Europe Day, unfortunately, is a day of traumatic memories for the citizens of Kumanovo and of entire Macedonia. it is a day when the 48-hour war broke out in the Kumanovo village of Divo Naselje, a fierce clash with an armed criminal- terrorist group. Eight members of the police lost their lives in the conflict.

To this day, there are still uncertainties and mysteries around this event regarding questions in terms of the organizers and the motives for this difficult security challenge for the country. And while President Ivanov was attending a parade in Moscow, and the media under the government’s control were trying to manipulate the public, the citizens of Kumanovo and Republic of Macedonia showed unparalleled maturity and wisdom, unity and determination for multiculturalism and coexistence, which can serve as an example also in the European context.

On this day, May 9, European and world civilizational values are celebrated, with which human rights and freedoms, democracy, equality, social justice and the rule of law are promoted.  This a day when we need to remind ourselves of the horror that a war can bring and the divisions, and when we need to respond to injustice with a call for unity and respect for human dignity and the right to life. These values are not administrative measures, but the essence of political culture and civilizational achievements towards which we must strive as a society.


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