Mutual solution for the Clinical Center

Today the yard of the Clinical Center was cleaned by a group of actors and activists, as a response to yesterday’s call of actress Sanja Arsovska.

Arsovska announced that the goal of the initiative is to promote awareness among careless citizens and their responsibility towards the environment, and not to compete with the public enterprise Communal Hygiene.

The Director of Communal Hygiene, Abdusamed Shabani, as well as Deputy Minister of Health, Asim Musa, today announced a solution to the problem by maintaining the hygiene and cleaning the yard of the Clinical Center.

Minister of Health Venko Filipce yesterday announced that they are trying to find a legal framework for the money to go to the public enterprises, namely the Public Enterprise Communal Hygiene, and not to private companies.

The action for cleaning the Clinical Center, according to the announcements, will continue until the problem is finally solved.

According to activists, nevertheless, this morning the public enterprise Communal Hygiene did participate in the cleaning of the Clinical Center, and has taken the responsibility of maintaining it until September, that is, until a tender is announced.

However, asked about the debt that the Clinical Center has towards Communal Hygiene, the Deputy Health Minister said that they are on the verge of finding a mutual solution to the problem.


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