Makraduli: Populism cannot protect the environment

“The problem in our country always occurs in the implementation of the laws. The negotiations will open a new chapter in the treatment and management, talks and activities related to the environment”, stated Jani Makraduli, Deputy Minister of Environment and Physical Planning in reply to CIVIL Media’s question on how much the Ministry promotes and applies European values.

“There is not a country that has dealt with pollution or related environmental issues without having worked with massive investments in green initiatives”, stated Makraduli, who believes that the assistance of international institutions will contribute to a real implementation.

But still, as Makraduli says, much effort is needed in order to achieve dialogue with the municipalities for this assistance to be used.

“Populism cannot protect the environment. We cannot take care of the garbage or treat the waste without paying for water and communal taxes, if it’s not centralized management according to the best practices that currently exist. Unfortunately, some municipalities neglect the environment while seeking visible results, as there is no sustainable development, namely, investing in a system that will contribute to that. Waste treatment is a typical example. We are still convincing ourselves that it is better to make a plant out of the waste that will be producing electricity, than, let’s say, that 8 illegal landfills are contaminating the soil”, explained Makraduli.

In terms of the urban crime, spatial planning and narrowing of the public space, Makraduli stated that over the years this link has been lost between the Ministry and the municipalities, where the urban realization takes place.

“I am pleased that we have common views on most matters with the City of Skopje, and one of them is how the construction should not be a burden or harm to the citizens, while others profit at their expense. The goal is for green areas to be dominant in the construction process”, highlighted the Deputy Minister.

In regards to the cooperation with associations of citizens dedicated to environmental protection, Makraduli stated that cooperation has already been established with them, and that no matter which government comes to power, there is no escaping that connection.

Biljana Jordanovska

Camera: Dehran Muratov


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