CIVIL Conference: The Greens are coming!

The Conference “The Greens are coming!”, which is organised by ЦИВИЛ, will be held on October 25 at Hotel “Porta” (Aerodrom), from 12 noon to 2.00 pm. Civil society organizations and initiatives, political parties, institutions at the national and local level, the media and interested citizens are invited to the Conference.

The Conference will address the challenges and opportunities in the area of green values, social justice and antinationalism, as well their interconnectivity and indivisibility, for which CIVIL strongly advocates. Furthermore, findings from CIVIL’s field work, evaluations, analyses and recommendations on various categories in the country and in society, will also be part of the conference agenda.

This Conference has the goal of promoting green values that include and are in unity with topics related to social justice and antinationalism.

“It is essentially important to understand that when we talk about green values, this does not only imply environmental protection, but also protection of human rights and freedoms, social and environmental justice, economic and ecological well-being, equality and anti-discrimination. The Greens are coming everywhere around the world. North Macedonia has to join the global trends and processes” – says the organization team of the conference.

The organization unites several organizational units in its structure, among which also Green CIVIL, formed in 2009. CIVIL has been existing since 1999. In its bylaw and program, the organization incorporates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European and green values and practices them in all of its activities and projects. This year, on November 25, CIVIL marks 20 years of its existence.

CIVIL Communication Team

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