Intense debate between Dudush, Ferat and Mahmut, mayor candidates for Shuto Orizari Municipality

CIVIL has started organizing debates among mayor candidates in municipalities across the country. CIVIL organized the first series of debates with the candidates for mayor of the Municipality of Shuto Orizari, Kurto Dudush from the LDP-DOM coalition, Asan Ferat from SDSM and Tefik Mahmut from the Levica, on September 20th.

At the debate organized by  CIVIL,  mayor candidates talk about green values, anti-nationalism and social justice. They agreed that they will run a fair and democratic campaign and that they will not use insulting words against one another, but that they will fight with various progressive ideas and programs that they will offer to the residents of Shuto Orizari.



How and for which green values will they stand? What are the biggest challenges for the green agenda in their municipality? Do they have a green strategy? Do they also advocate for green jobs, sustainable energy, waste management and green education at the local level?

How will they oppose nationalism and how will they advocate for respect for multiculturalism and respect for diversity?

How will they implement equal representation in institutions, practices for protection against discrimination in institutions, schools and in the public space?

What are the commitments in the field of social justice?, are part of the questions that the candidates must answer.

The debate is part of the project „”Green Society for All” which is implemented by the organization unit GREEN CIVIL, in partnership with the Heinrich boell foundation.

With the project "Green Society for All", CIVIL continues to promote the ideas of the interconnectedness of green values, anti-nationalism and social justice, especially in the context of creating local policies and practices with real concern for the interests of citizens at the local level.

Content can be downloaded under the Creative Commons 4.0 license.

camera: Аtanas Petrovski
montage: Аrian Mehmeti


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