Stojkovski: We have made controls in all entities of the big industry

For air pollution, we made a control in Skopje of almost all entities from the large industry such as Makstil, Cementarnica, Drisla, etc. Measurements have been made almost everywhere in accordance with the A-integrated environmental permits. Otherwise, every year in the supervision plan we are provided with these companies, usually in December and January. There were no deviations from the set parameters in the integrated environmental permits. Some of them have their own 24-hour monitoring such as Cementarnica, Drisla and Makstil, informed today the acting the director of the State Inspectorate for Environment Sreten Stojkovski.

At the press conference, he also referred to the Draft-Law on Environmental Inspection, which is now entering the final parliamentary procedure after five years.

Introduction of multi-year planning of environmental inspection

Namely, the introduction of multi-year planning of environmental inspection is new in the draft-law, which will provide inspection on the entire territory of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, ie at central and local level, by adopting a National Strategy and Program for inspection environmental monitoring.

The law is aimed at overcoming the current challenges with human resources, proper planning and cooperation with inspections at central and local level in accordance with environmental policies, and introduces planning based on criteria for risk assessment of the entities that have environmental monitoring.

- According to the annual employment plan of the SEI for 2022 with the Ministry of Finance, six new employments are planned, namely three junior water inspectors and three administrative workers. Both announcements for admission of advisors to environmental inspectors in Kumanovo and Veles are in the final phase, says Stojkovski.

He stated that according to the systematization, 41 inspectors are foreseen, the filling at the moment is about 48 percent, ie about 20 inspectors. He says that new inspectors are needed, but because this year he has provided funds only for so many employments - for three inspectors, they asked to be hired so that they can, because the existing inspectors are already in their mature years and before leaving that institution - retirement for to have time to train at least those two young people and then for the next year 2023 to plan additional inspectors in the environment.

The SEI will be part of the e-inspector platform

He informed that in the next 2022 SEI will be part of the e-inspector platform which from January 1 starts to be implemented in three inspectorates, Labor, Market and Administrative, and all others as SEI will start in the second part of next year with introduction of digitalization of inspection procedures.

- In order to increase transparency, several meetings were held with civil society organizations, such as "NATURA", "Eco-consciousness", with which we conducted training for inspectors, the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, and the Institute for Communication Studies, said Stojkovski .

The Director of the SEI stated that an interactive map is being prepared which will contain data on legal entities for which the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the municipalities have issued permits and reports, and will also contain reports on conducted inspections.

Source: Sloboden Pecat