Green consciousness or conscience?


I am interested in the phenomenon of the green concept in general, not only in our countrty but also in the wider region. The Sofia Declaration for the Western Balkans is a beautiful idea, however it is in idealized  conditions when we all become aware of the importance of the future green way of thinking. Some will say "the big ones think globally and the small ones think locally". It is sad when pathetic grows into a tragicomedy for which it is too late for a substantive diagnosis, and perhaps too late for therapy.


Example - the proclamation of Shar Mountain as a national park, and at the same time the construction and extension of mini hydro power plants that after all scientific and other research are not profitable not only in our country, but in general, is another absurd extreme. But let's be clear, profitability exists, but the question is for whom? The fact that out of all the invested funds for renewable energy sources, which by the way we subsidize, MHC managed to provide only 2.6% of the total energy needs. Are the laws in the country being adapted for a "better and greener" future of the country? This topic intrigued me even before I heard about the energy crisis that is being discussed even by most ordinary citizen. But this phenomenon of reaction and awareness occurs only when they feels it on their pocket. But, unfortunately, the Balkan resident does not prevent, they cure. When a lack of vision and perspective thinking for future generations is mixed, you get a fatal cocktail of paralysis and dysfunction.


In fact, there is a long list of reasons why this type of renewable energy is not environmentally friendly and is in collision with our consciousness and conscience, and our money.


The question is - how many researches and reactions of the real green activists will there be to make the citizens more aware, so that they vote for local and instant wannabe "Green agendas" who chronically and desperately lack a minimal ecological culture?


Not long ago a friend of mine wrote about the difference between ignorance and lack of knowledge, and in a simple way conveyed our reality, which is unhappily combined and penetrated into all the pores of our being. Maybe we like the comfort of continuous ignorance as a conscious act of choice and ignorance, which will not change form if there is no reaction of curiosity. However, I still think that lack of knowledge is justified only by limited access to information, which you will admit nowadays is an oxymoron. We have a lot of information, but not will.

Where did we go wrong and are we so successful in only one thing and that is maintaining the balance of action- (not) reacting and consciousness- (un) conscience?

I have a feeling that we are walking on the path that others have traced without asking us and without awareness of where we’re going, why we are actually walking on that path. Is it because someone there said that’s the way it should be or because we are convinced that it should. I hope that soon we will first realize that’s the way it should be, and then we will activate our conscience to do it properly.


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