Zaev at the Sarajevo Business Forum: It is time to ‘brand and promote’ the region as a unique investment potential

An economist by formation, a renowned businessperson and a philanthropist, the former Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev spoke at the Sarajevo Business Forum’s first panel Post-COVID economic recovery – opportunities for turnaround?, Wednesday, May 11.

“In order to bring in the big players, we also need to play a bigger game. The Western Balkans has huge potential for creating energy from renewable energy sources. We have a lot of sun, wind and water. That means that we can should be more attractive when it is about investing in large strategic and infrastructure projects, which can be done by large and global investors.

Our countries can become more competitive for such projects only if we unite and if we act as a region. That is how the disadvantages will disappear, the benefits will grow”, Mr. Zaev said.

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