We are going into destruction!

A retired man from Gostivar who has worked as an immigrant worker in Germany for five decades, compares social justice in both countries in front of the CIVIL Media camera.

CIVIL Media: Is there social justice in Macedonia?

–  I lived in Germany for 52 years. Germany is a country that helps the poor people. However, don’t think that in Germany there aren’t people who beg on the streets. There are. But, in Germany there is much help for the people. Currently, Germany is the best country in Europe, according to the assistance for the citizens. And over there, there are no divisions among people, whether they are black or white, whether someone is Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian…There are no divisions there, and that is why in Germany is perhaps the best country in the world – according to the assistance for the citizens.

CIVIL Media: Compared to Germany, what is the situation like in Macedonia?

–  There should be social justice here too. There has to be. But, there is something that I don’t like here. I am retired for 5-6 years now, here, and according to what I can see, I believe we are going into destruction. I can see it. Our country should not allow for such poverty. Because, we in Macedonia have opportunities, for the country to move forward. It is just that we have so many divisions, what I am and what he is, why this person and not that person, why that Albanian, why that Macedonian…

Maja Ivanovska

Camera: Dehran Muratov

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