Action – Integration in Veles

CIVIL is implementing the project Action – Integration for support of the democratic reforms, citizen participation, green initiatives and European values in Republic of Macedonia.

The workshop “What kind of Macedonia do I want”, with representatives of the local self-government, civil society organizations, green initiatives, political parties, media, activists and interested citizens, will be held on Thursday (21.06.2018), in the Veles municipal hall starting at 12.00 noon.

At the workshop, CIVIL’s project that is being implemented in partnership with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation from Germany will be presented. During the working part of the event, a discussion will be opened on the possibilities for citizen participation in the democratic reforms at the local and national level. Furthermore, special attention will be given to green initiatives and strategies, as well as to questions relating to the promotion and practice of European values and green alternatives, ahead of Macedonia’s EU integration processes.

CIVIL’s team will be available for individual meetings and conversations after the closing of the workshop that will last about two hours.

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