Initiative “Buy a creation, be part of an eco-donation” for renewal of forest by Lake Mladost

After the fire by Lake Mladost, the citizens of Veles demanded responsibility, but at the same time, also a way for renewing the burned forest. The Municipality of Veles gave up the manifestation “Pastrmalijada” and decided to reassign the money intended for the event and to use it for buying seedlings during the autumn planting.

Still, Marija Pupulieva, activist from Veles, upon her own initiative decided to use her talent in complementing this action independently from the institutions and competent bodies.

“I make decorative paper boxes. I use recycled material, and I do this as a hobby, and not for any profit. The initiative “Buy a creation, be part of an eco-donation” has the purpose of providing seedlings for the burned areas near the Lake Mladost and the village of Oraoec. All donations from the selling of the boxes will be intended for purchasing seedlings. The type of seedlings will be determined in cooperation with the people who are in charge for that, while the planting will take place during a period they will decide to be most suitable. The price will be symbolic, 100 denars. I urge all those who make interesting and creative pieces of work to join me”, stated Pupulieva for CIVIL Media.

For realisation of the Initiative, Pupulieva also has the support of the Veles environmental association “Vila Zora”.

As she explained, the sale will be held in the center of Veles. CIVIL supports this initiative and will additionally inform about the date, time and place of the sale.

Biljana Jordanovska
Editing: Arian Mehmeti

Translation: N.Cvetkovska


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