Pavlovska: Our laws are worthless if they are not implemented!

Architect Danica Pavlovska says that although she works in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, she rarely defends the procedures and work of this institution. She emphasized that this institution is a very important sector in terms of what we are talking about today at this conference.

“The law on local greenery is something that regulates legally the protection and care of the greenery not only in urban areas, but unfortunately, it is not respected. Our laws, no matter how good they may be, are worthless if they are not implemented”, says Pavlovska.

She outlined that the citizens are the ones who have to insist on the implementation of laws.

“The public space in Skopje is being abused. An obvious and clear example that just can’t be solved is the Skopje 2014 project. We as fellowship have indeed proposed many solutions and strategic determinations in regards to this harmful project, and except for one commission at the state level, we have nothing else. There is good will at the city level, especially in the Municipality of Center, with the suspending of that project, but that is not enough”, she said.

Pavlovska spoke about the shaping of the city, through the elementary human right of a public space according to our template, by respecting precisely these three concepts that we are talking about at the conference.

“Security, the aesthetic component, the green component, respecting diversity, respecting these things, means that we are on a good path” said Pavlovska.

M. Ivanovska

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