Give us your opinion: What are your expectations and demands from the new government?

CIVIL invites all its members and supporters, collaborators, all citizens to share their expectations, proposals and demands for the future Government of the Republic of North Macedonia. This latest action is titled: “Citizens forum for participation in government policy making”.
The best contributions will be published, whereas the authors of the best quality texts and videos will receive remuneration (fee), in accordance to the project and budget possibilities of the organization.
What kind of government do you expect the mandator to form? What needs to be done by the government, what kind of program should it adopt? What is most Important to the citizens? How to achieve this?

Everyone is invited to take part and to give proposals in the area of human rights and freedoms, judiciary, interethnic and inter-religious relations, electoral system, social justice, education, health care, culture, economy, Euro-Atlantic processes, international relations, diaspora, security, fight against corruption and hybrid threats, as well as other areas of interest to the citizens.

It is preferable for the contributions to be focused on one topic. Participants in this action for gathering opinions, proposals and demands, can sign the contributions and send a photo with a short biography (no more than 10 lines), make an address through a video recording, but can also request to stay anonymous. Also, the team for media production is available for recording those who are interested. The contributions should be sent to [email protected] with the subject: “Citizens forum for participation in government policy making”.

The contributions need to be realistic and refer to the measures and processes that are current and achievable, especially in the context of seats won in parliament by the parties.

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