Nuredini: Clean energy is the key to reduced climate change

Minister Nuredini addressed the energy day of the program of the chairman of # COP26, United Kingdom, dedicated to the Alliance for abandonment of coal (Power Post Coal Alliance) of which the Republic of Northern Macedonia is a member. Ministers, as well as the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency and the UN Special Adviser on Climate Change, addressed the plenary in order to accelerate the global abandonment of coal-fired power generation and a fair transition.

Presenting the national ambitions traced in the Revised National Contribution to the Paris Agreement, Minister Nuredini said:

- Given that our ambition in NDC divided by sectors is equal to a reduction of 66% of emissions in the energy sector by 2030, it seems that the climate challenge to a large extent, is essentially a challenge for clean energy.

Minister Nuredini presented the efforts to diversify our energy mix by investing in renewable energy sources, but also stressed the need for support from developed countries within such partnerships to achieve a successful and fair transition of countries like ours.

At the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Glasgow, 27 new members of the Alliance for the Abolition of Coal (PPCA) were announced, bringing the total membership of PPCA to 164 countries, cities, regions and businesses that are taking decisive action to fulfill their phasing out and cooperating to accelerate the global transition from coal to clean energy. coal-dependent is further strengthened through additional members of the local government and utilities, as well as a new partnership with the Climate Investment Funds.

Source: MIA

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