Moracinin: Politicinas have less environmental awareness than citizens

MP Maja Moracinin, at the same time the new president of the political party DOM, at the #ActionIntegration conference spoke about the enduring efforts of the party, as the only green party, in the context of the connection between democracy, the rule of law, social justice, protection of human rights with green alternatives and sustainable development.

By presenting the party’s achievements throughout the years in regards to the legislative measures, primarily, ones that have resulted as a proposal of DOM, Moracinin numbered some of the achievements as an MP. She pointed out as examples the forming of the Inter-party parliamentary group for the rights of LGBTI persons and the informal inter-party group for the protection of the Ohrid region in cooperation with UNESCO.

Citizen activist Goce Markovski asked Moracinin whether she feels personal responsibility for the low level of environmental awareness among citizens on European and green values and also about what phase the procedure for the Law on mineral resources is in.

“In terms of environmental awareness, I do not agree with that part of the research through focus groups, because I know exactly how it was 10 years ago, and where we are now. Awareness in relation to environmental topics was really at a very low level. Now we have an entirely different, much increased awareness among citizens…I think that environmental topics are perhaps the most important, and ones that have motivated citizens to join together, to protest, to propose solutions…that is why I think that there is progress in the environmental awareness. Maybe environmental awareness is lower among politicians than among citizens themselves”, replied Moracinin.

As to the Law on mineral resources, she highlighted that after many discussions, the law has arrived to the final procedural stage.

“It just needs to be put for voting and for the MPs to vote. At the last plenary session when it was put on the agenda, some of the MPs simply left the hall and there was no quorum for there to be voting”, stated Moracinin, hoping that at the next session the law will be put on the agenda and that it will receive the necessary support.

“The law is in the interest of protecting the environment and the health of the people”, said Moracinin.

The #ActionIntegration conference on European values, green alternatives and antinationalism was organized by CIVIL – Center for Freedom in cooperation with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation from Germany.

Biljana Jordanovska

Camera: Аtanas Petrovski

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