Uzunov: We’re not interested in political parties, but in the environment!

The initiative “Cancerous Society” called the citizens to a peaceful protest against the pollution, which will be held tomorrow in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, at 1.00 pm, after which they will head also towards the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

They demand an urgent government session because of the alarming situation with the quality of the air in the country, including experts, doctors, environmentalists, eco-activists and all who can realistically help in improving the situation, and for the Government to use all the necessary means for dealing with the problem.

“We demand inclusion of representatives of the civil sector in the competent controls for the big polluters. As a main request, for the government and the institutions to stop with so-called solutions that directly affect the pockets of the poorest, but leave the big capitalists and the biggest polluters untouched. Citizens need to massively join the protest and everyone needs to contribute with a proposal-measures for supplementing the demands for cleaner air”, highlighted Hristijan Uzunov at a press conference in front of the “BEKO” police station.

UZUNUV also appealed to the political parties not to abuse the protest for their own goals, emphasizing that the protest is not party related, despite speculations that spread in the public these past days regarding the organizers of the protest.

Otherwise, Uzunov in the public is known for organizing the protests against the “Zelezara” factory four years ago.


Text: Dehran Muratov
Camera, photography and editing: Аrian Mehmeti


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