Abuse of social justice for electoral purposes

CIVIL – Center for Freedom is implementing the pilot project “Promises and Abuses”, which deals with abuse of social justice for political and electoral purposes”.

The goal of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of public awareness on abuses in the sphere of social issues in the electoral context, as well as to prevent the manipulative practices of the political centers of power. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Heinrich Bὅll Foundation – Office in Sarajevo.

CIVIL’s team has conducted video interviews with representatives of political parties, experts, civil society organizations and trade unions. At the same time, the team of CIVIL Media along with the monitoring teams continue to explore and publish media contents in relation to electoral fraud.

The video interviews and their transcripts in Macedonian, Albanian and English will be published on CIVIL’s online channels, and will be free to download, republish and use (Creative Commons 4.0).

CIVIL will organize a conference at which it will present an analysis based on the findings of the monitoring teams and the views of those interviewed. Participants in the project, trade unions, political parties, civil society organizations and the general public will all be invited. The conference will be held early next week.