Dimitrov: The environment and the climate action are becoming increasingly more important for European integration

The situation in the implementation of the programs in specific sectors and the use of IPA funds were in the focus of today's sixth Monitoring Committee for the sector of transport, environment and climate action, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov.

Deputy Prime Minister Dimitrov, as announced by the Secretariat for European Affairs, pointed out that the challenges and lessons learned from the programming of IPA II are embedded in the preparation for IPA III, where the maturity of the projects was a basic criteria.

He stressed that despite the improvement of the capacities of the IPA structures responsible for project management in these areas, during the upcoming period the dynamics and efficiency in contracting and implementation will have to significantly increase.

- The environment and climate action, as well as the field of transport are becoming more important in the context of European integration as points of cooperation and strategic partnership of the EU with the region. The investment and reform agenda relies on these areas, the projects that are being implemented directly affect the national and regional development. The Secretariat for European Affairs (SEA) will continue to coordinate intersectoral and inter-institutional cooperation in order to use this huge opportunity through EU funds to ensure European standards for our citizens, said Deputy Prime Minister, Dimitrov.

EU Ambassador David Geer, also addressed at the meeting, as well as the competent ministers and representatives of the institutions directly involved in the implementation of sectoral programs, where they adopted conclusions for further implementation of investment projects supported by EU funds and technical assistance for harmonization with European standards in the field.